Krabi, Thailand as a Retirement Property Alternative

Many retirees find that their dream retirement is not feasible with Europe in a doldrums. Many retirees have to find ways to increase their incomes due the ever-increasing prices, falling stock prices and investment incomes. Many people wonder what to do when they combine this with the constantly changing regulations for real estate in Spain, Portugal, and the South France. Read more now on Phuket villas for sale

You can choose to stay at home, increase the heat in winter and make do. Even if you do this, rising fuel prices will require sacrifices. Let’s be honest, you won’t get the reward that people believe they deserve for their hard work and savings.

Another option is to explore further afield. Some people may find the solution in Asia, and more specifically Krabi, Thailand. The flight is longer and costs more, but other factors make it worthwhile.

Prior to lifestyle, we must consider the cost factor. We have to consider the cost of travel, the cost for living and other costs. At the moment, flights to Thailand cost on average 500 Euros per return in economy class. The cost of visas and paperwork is minimal, and the cost to live in Thailand is very affordable compared to other western countries. Excellent medical facilities are available for ongoing health care. For more serious issues, you will need to travel two hours to Phuket. However, construction on Krabi’s new International Hospital is already underway and it will open in early 2012.

These factors are causing Krabi to attract more retirees. There is a large expatriate community in Krabi, which means all the facilities are easily accessible. The main reason that people choose to settle in Krabi, is the high standard of living they can achieve on a modest income. People can easily live well if they avoid the touristy restaurants and shops in the center. Krabi is best known for its beauty. In many countries you need to spend money to enjoy a good day. But in Krabi, it’s free. Even hobbies such as golfing and fishing are reasonably priced.

Winter months are absolutely ideal. The perfect combination of humidity and temperature to soothe aches and discomforts, and the cleanest air possible to make breathing an absolute pleasure. Many people with joint replacements and rheumatic diseases say that they forget about their conditions when in Krabi. Air conditioning is not necessary during these months. As there is no need to regulate the temperature, electricity bills are lower. Once you know where locals eat and shop and how to cook, it is very affordable and fun. Local markets have a great selection of local fruit, vegetables and seafood. They are cheaper and more delicious than what you can buy at Tesco. Tesco in Krabi Town is the place to go for those simple pleasures most Westerners can’t live without.

Accommodation is next. The winter climate refugees have two choices: renting or buying. Renting is very affordable. There are many options depending on your budget. From simple single-story houses with a small garden, to luxurious pool villas. A small one bedroom house can cost as little as 120 euros per month. The same villa with three bedrooms could be as cheap as 700 euros a month. There are also more luxurious options at higher prices. Many retirees are now renting out their homes in Europe during the winter and renting a place in the US to pocket the difference. It may not be a lot of money, but it helps pay for flights.

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