Rehab for Mobile Homes: Improving Comfort and Usability of Manufactured Home

Rehab or service for manufactured homes or mobile homes refers to renovating, repairing or maintaining a manufactured house or mobile. The professionals that provide these services have a specialization in working with mobile or manufactured home service. They also possess the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with specific problems related to this type of home.

A wide variety of services are available for mobile rehab, including

It involves repairing damage caused to the walls, ceiling, floor, foundation or any other structural component of the house. The repairs may also involve strengthening the building to increase stability and security.

Plumbing and electrical services: Rehab services for mobile homes may require the replacement or repair of electrical and plumbing components such as outlets, switches and wires.

Repair or installation of the HVAC system: The repair or installation includes heating, ventilating, and air conditioning in a mobile home. This is to provide optimum temperature and comfort.

Interior remodeling services include replacing cabinets, flooring and fixtures. The interior remodeling may include new appliances, painting or an upgrade to the insulation.

Repair or replace windows, siding, doors or skirting. Additions and repairs to decks, porches and ramps can be made for better accessibility.

Mobile home upgrades can include the installation of energy efficient windows, door, insulation or appliances in order to lower energy bills and reduce consumption.

You should only hire professionals who have experience dealing with mobile homes or manufactured homes. It is important that they are licensed, insured, knowledgeable of local building codes, and have experience working with these types of homes. Before hiring any service, it’s a great idea to ask for several estimates and check references.