What are The Duties of a Plumber?

Plumbers can fix toilets and install new shower heads. But if this is the first time you’ve been one or have known a person who has, you may not know what a full-time plumber needs to be educated in in order to be licensed in their region as a contractor.

If you want to fully grasp the our site role of a professional plumber, then it’s fun to create a checklist and see which parts are part of their arsenal and which aren’t.

You may not know all the answers, or you might have difficulty determining some.

Check out this list.

Water Heaters

Hot water dispensers

Water Filters

Garbage Disposals

Water Conservation Techniques


Gas Lines




Gas lines and excavating are not included in the list of plumbers’ duties. Sewers may be questioned by some as part of the job description for plumbers. Most people are familiar with water and plumbers. The majority of people believe that plumbing is the only thing that they do in their homes or buildings that require water.

The exercise above was not a real trick. Plumbers handle all the systems and components listed.

Gas lines are natural gas like propane that can be used for home cooking, water heating in water heaters and gas fireplaces. These systems are installed and repaired by plumbers, who are also your go-to source for all propane issues.

Excavation is the work of plumbers when they install new sewer and water lines that enter or leave a house.

You will notice that all sewer issues are given to the plumbers. It is still plumbing, as the toilet in your bathroom is also installed and maintained by plumbers.

As you learn about the many jobs that a plumbing professional is responsible for you will have a greater respect for them. You will be able to appreciate the fact that when you employ a plumber you’re hiring someone with a great deal of expertise.